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Announcement of Reopening and Change of Concept of Our Restaurant: 「Madame FAN」


Dear customers and friends of FANFAN,


It is with a mixture of emotion and excitement that we announce a major culinary transformation at our beloved establishment. February 29, 2024 will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new adventure for our restaurant, now renamed Madame FAN.


For five years, FANFAN has had the privilege of serving you French-Asian fusion cuisine that has found its place in your hearts. Your support and enthusiasm have carried us and we are infinitely grateful for every moment shared.


Today, driven by a passion for discovery and a desire to share the riches of Chinese gastronomy even more deeply, Madame FAN is preparing to revolutionize Chinese gourmet cuisine in Paris. Our ambition is to offer you an immersion in the hidden delights and ancient traditions of China, through a unique and memorable sensory experience.


Madame FAN promises a culinary odyssey where each dish tells a story, that of ancestral know-how and little-known regions of China. We are determined to reveal the subtlety and diversity of Chinese flavors, beyond clichés, to touch the hearts and souls of our guests.


We invite you to join this unforgettable sensory adventure, to explore with us the hidden treasures of China and to celebrate the culinary art in its purest and innovative form.


Stay tuned for announcements on our opening date, our new menus, special events and tasting workshops that will punctuate this new era.


Thank you for continuing to be part of our history. We look forward to welcoming you to Madame FAN and starting this new chapter together.


With all our gratitude and enthusiasm,


The Madame FAN team


Discover an unforgettable culinary experience in a chic and unusual restaurant, where exceptional cuisine recognized by the Michelin Guide combines harmoniously with accessibility that will delight all lovers of fine gastronomy.

FANFAN restaurant from the michelin guide


FANFAN Gault&Millau Guide around me
FANFAN Paris restaurant du guide michelin

Elegant French Fine Dining Restaurant Paris 17th
To indulge in the finest French cuisine in Paris


At FANFAN, we invite you to a gastronomic experience, where French cuisine harmoniously meets varied culinary influences. While following the seasons and highlighting fresh produce, our restaurant, featured in the MICHELIN Guide since 2020, takes you on a unique culinary journey with every bite.


We believe that each ingredient is a precious pearl, and our challenge is to extract their essence to enhance their natural aromas. With subtle associations and particular attention to plants, each visit to FANFAN reserves exceptional culinary pleasures that never cease to amaze you. 



Our chef Alexis Bonnard practices a natural & sustainable French cuisine with modernity while respecting small producers and the seasons. His cuisine is strongly inspired by Japanese and Thai traditions, characterized by delicate and harmonious combinations. The excellence of the product and the technical mastery thus constitute the indisputable bases of this kitchen.


Wine pairings

In order to accompany the chef's creations, our sommelier has imagined atypical food-drink pairings by combining with the greatest classics of french wines and very beautiful discoveries from Asia: sake, Japanese whisky…


All our products are carefully selected in an ethical and responsible way, all the ingredients are used to their maximum potential and we only work with French producers looking for quality production. FANFAN always prioritizes the modernity, generosity and quality! 

All our collaborators are proud to share with you the fruit of their efforts and make you live a unique French gastronomic experience.

Second Sequence

of Experience Menu April 2023

at FANFAN best fusion restaurant Paris


Cauliflower / Tangerine / Shiso

Tasting menu at FANFAN Gourmet restaurant Paris 17th
fanfan tasting menu

Second Sequence

On the Experience Menu June 2023

at FANFAN franco-asian fusion restaurant Paris 17


Thai basil / Miso / Fermented tomato water

Fanfan restaurant, gourmet restaurant serving Franco-Asian cuisine in Paris 17

* At lunch, the last order of Adventure Menu is at 1 p.m., last order at 1:15 p.m.

* At dinner, the last reservation is at 9 p.m., last order at 9:15 p.m.

* Experience Menu can be adapted to suit different diets. We invite you to let us know your restrictions at least 24 hours in advance. 

* Any reservation made can be modified or canceled up to 24 hours before the reservation time.

* For any reservation of more than 6 people and request for privatization of the restaurant, please contact us directly by email at

* Prices include taxes and service. 

* The table of allergens is available on request. 

FANFAN takes you on a French gastronomic journey with Asian twists, promises you an explosion of flavors in every bite.

Paris is renowned for its culinary scene. A French gastronomy restaurant in Paris refers to a high-end restaurant that offers gourmet cuisine and exceptional dining experiences. These restaurants are known for their exquisite dishes, impeccable service, and elegant ambiance.

One such restaurant is FANFAN, located in Paris 17. Fanfan specializes in Contemporary French cuisine offering a unique fusion of flavors from France, Japan, and Thailand. The menu at FANFAN showcases a selection of delicate dishes that combine the best of Asian and French culinary traditions. The restaurant takes pride in its meticulous use of ingredients, particularly vegetables, to create culinary delights that never fail to impress.


At FANFAN, you can expect to find a changing menu that reflects the seasons, ensuring that each visit is a new and exciting experience. From artichoke with umeshu (plum alcohol) to beef rib with koji and cherries with elderflower, the dishes are carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds. The restaurant's team expresses their creativity through each creation and carefully selects suppliers to ensure unmatched freshness from A to Z. If you're a sake enthusiast, you'll be delighted to know that Fanfan also offers divine food and sake pairings.


With its delicate dishes, seasonal menu, and impeccable attention to detail, FANFAN is a must-visit for anyone seeking an exceptional gastronomic experience in the city.

FANFAN offers you a gastronomic journey close to the star through its new fusion menu combining French, Japanese and Thai cuisine. Tasting menu in 6 or 8 courses! Find us at 18 Rue Bayen, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, a few minutes from the Champs Elysées, Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

If you go to Phuket...

If you are looking for a romantic place to dine during your stay in Phuket, Thailand, FANFAN is ready to introduce you to our sister establishment, L'ARÔME BY THE SEA, a restaurant listed in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2023.

Located at Kalim Bay in Phuket, L'ARÔME BY THE SEA is a three-level restaurant and bar that offers breathtaking views of the splendid Andaman Sea, a perfect place to appreciate the beauty of Phuket.

With its sunroof bar, delicate French cuisine, inventive cocktails and great selection of French wines, this unique restaurant is a great choice if you're looking for somewhere with a sea view for a relaxed sunset cocktail. sun or a romantic dinner.

Whether it's an intimate romantic dinner, special celebrations or just contemplating the beautiful sunsets under the gentle sea breeze, L'ARÔME BY THE SEA guarantees you a dream experience. 

larome by the sea the best french fine dining
If you go to Phuket...

Savor the essence of French cuisine all day long at L'ARÔME AT BLUE TREE, located in the heart of Blue Tree with breathtaking views of the lagoon.


French Top Chef Julien BURBAUD combines classic French culinary principles with modern influences, using quality ingredients to create a memorable dining experience. AROMA AT BLUE TREE is perfect for festive celebrations, offering delicious food, enchanting entertainment and a vibrant atmosphere.

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